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Reverse Kilian Hold

This position is similar to the Kilian position but with the follow at the lead's left.


The regularly repeated pattern of accented and unaccented beats which gives the music its character.

Rhythm Dance

A dance created by an ice dance couple to dance music with designated rhythm(s) and/or theme(s) selected annually by the ISU Ice Dance Technical Committee.


A turn executed on one foot from an outside edge to an outside edge or an inside edge to an inside edge, with the exit curve on a different lobe from the entry curve. The skater turns in the direction of the entry curve. 


A short or long forward or backward edge skated on a curve.

Rotational Lift

In ice dance, a short lift in which the lifting partner rotates in one direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) while travelling across the ice.

S Step

A turn from one foot to the other in which the curve of the exit edge is in the opposite direction to that of the entry edge. The change of foot is from outside edge to inside edge or inside edge to outside edge. In ice dance, unless otherwise specified in the dance description, the free foot is placed on the ice close to the skating foot. The entry and exit edge are of equal depth.


An edge jump with natural rotation that takes off from a backward inside edge; listed in the Scale of Values according to the number of rotations.

Scale Of Values (SOV)

Contains Base Values and Grades of Execution of all listed elements. The scales of values are published by the ISU and Skate Canada.


An organization incorporated or organized in a particular province or territory (and in some cases, a combination thereof) strategically aligned with Skate Canada, that may receive funds from provincial or territorial Governmental Authorities and be subject to applicable sport recognition programs and transfer payment arrangements. Each Section is held to the governance and operating requirements of their respective province and / or territory(ies) and is responsible for skating in their respective jurisdictions.

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