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Membership Year

The term of each Member's Membership being from September 1st of the year in which Membership is granted to such Member pursuant Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws] until August 31st of the following year and which is subject to renewal in accordance with the policies of Skate Canada and the Bylaws.

Mirror Image Pattern

In synchronized skating, a mirror image pattern is shown when one half of the team simultaneously uses a combination of both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.


A turn from one foot to the other in which the entry and exit curves are continuous and of equal depth. The change of foot is from an outside edge to an outside edge or from and inside edge to an inside edge.

National Summer Series (NSS)

Section-hosted events identified by Skate Canada.  

Natural Rotation

In the air, the body rotates in the same direction as it does on the take-off edge.

Non-basic Position

Any spin position which is not one of the three defined basic spin positions (camel, sit , upright).

Non-listed Jump

A jump that is not listed in the Scale of Values; does not count as a jump element.


The President and such other officers as the Board may determine by Ordinary Resolution.

One-foot Sit Glide

A one-foot movement in which a skater travels along the ice with one leg in a strongly bent position and the other leg directed forward parallel to the ice.

One-foot Turn

A rotational movement on one foot in which the skater moves from forward to backward or backward to forward.

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