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A referee of an event within a competition is an experienced judge who has received further training to conduct an event and monitor the performance of the panel of judges. Referees are qualified to referee or judge at or below a specified level of competition in one or more of singles, pairs, ice dance or synchronized skating.

Regional Synchronized Skating Championships

Qualifying competitions for the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships.

Registered Professional Coach in Good Standing

A skating expert with the required National Coaching Certification Program qualifications to provide a remunerated service at Skate Canada sanctioned clubs and skating schools, both on- and off-ice. These individuals have registered, provided full payment and have met all professional coach registration requirements as set annually by Skate Canada.


Includes (i) an individual who is registered by a Club or Skating School with Skate Canada and who is subject to all applicable rules, regulations and policies of Skate Canada but who is not a Member; and (ii) an individual who is engaged in any activity provided, sponsored, supported, sanctioned or recognized by Skate Canada and registered directly with Skate Canada but who is not a Member.

Registration Year

September 1 to August 31 of any given year.

Reverse Kilian Hold

This position is similar to the Kilian position but with the lady at the man's left.


The regularly repeated pattern of accented and unaccented beats which gives the music its character.

Rhythm Dance

A dance created by an ice dance couple to dance music with designated rhythm(s) and/or theme(s) selected annually by the ISU Ice Dance Technical Committee.


A turn executed on one foot from an outside edge to an outside edge or an inside edge to an inside edge, with the exit curve on a different lobe from the entry curve. The skater turns in the direction of the entry curve. 


A short or long, forward or backward edge skated on a curve.

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