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Une personne qui est inscrite par un club ou une école de patinage à Patinage Canada et qui est assujettie à tous les règlements et politiques de Patinage Canada, mais qui n’est pas un membre; et (ii) une personne qui participe à une activité donnée, commanditée, soutenue, sanctionnée ou reconnue par Patinage Canada et qui est inscrite directement à Patinage Canada, mais qui n’est pas un membre;

Base Level Technical Official (BLTO)

An individual sixteen years of age or older who is responsible for accurate technical panel process and for authorizing, correcting, deleting and adding elements to the list of elements performed during an event. A BLTO assists with the identification of elements in competition. The BLTO will also assist with the identification of falls and illegal elements where appropriate to the level. BLTO are qualified to act on panels at or below a specified level of competition in singles only and can only be assigned to events where elements can be called no higher than base level.

Clinic Leader/Learning Facilitator

An experienced judge or technical panel official who has been specifically trained as a clinic leader/learning facilitator by the section and appointed by the Skate Canada Officials Development Committee.

competitive season

July 1 - June 30 of any given year

Data Specialist

An individual sixteen years of age or older who has been trained and appointed to calculate the results of sanctioned figure skating competitions.


An individual sixteen years of age or older who is responsible for assessing tests in the STARSkate program.  Evaluators are qualified to assess tests at or below a specified level (effective September 1, 2017 the lowest test level assessed by evaluators is Senior Bronze) in one or more of the STARSkate program disciplines.


Loss of control by a skater with the result that the majority of the skater's own body weight is on the ice being supported by any other part of the body other than the blades. e.g., hand(s), knee(s), back, buttock(s) or any part of the arm.

field of play decision

A decision taken in the field of play in which the official (referee, judge, technical controller, technical specialist) must make an interpretation of the rules in the live setting of the competition and subsequently record this decision.

Free Skating Program

A program of a specified length, skated to music of the skater’s choice. The skater is free to choose the number and the type of elements to be included, subject to the requirements outlined in the requirements for individual assessments/tests and competitions.

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