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Interlocking Wheel

In synchronized skating, when a spoke of a wheel passes in-between at least two spokes of the other wheel(s).

International Championships

Within Canada, these are defined as competitions/championships conducted according to the rules of the International Skating Union, where teams from at least one foreign country are invited by Skate Canada.

International Skating Union (ISU)

The International Skating Union (ISU) is the exclusive international sport federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee administering the sports of Figure Skating and Speed Skating throughout the world. The ISU is composed of a number of national associations called ISU Members that administer ISU sports at the national level and recognize that all international matters are under the sole jurisdiction and control of the ISU.


The period of time starting immediately when the competitor stops performing the program or is ordered to do so by the referee, whichever is earlier, and ending when the competitor resumes the performance.

Introductory Steps

In Ice Dance, optional steps performed prior to the first step of a pattern dance. 

Invitational Competition

A competition that is open to competitors and/or teams from more than one club and may include members of other foreign associations. There may be a selection process whereby skaters qualify to advance to higher levels of competition based on their results at the club/regional/sectional level.


An individual sixteen years of age or older who has been trained and appointed to officiate at or below a specified level of competition in one or more of singles, pairs, ice dance or synchronized skating.

Jump Combination

Singles and Pairs: Two or more jumps in which the landing foot of the first jump is the take-off foot of the next jump and so on. There is no change of foot or turn between the jumps, although the toe may be used to assist the take-off. One full revolution on the ice between the jumps (free foot can touch the ice, but no weight transfer) keeps the element within the definition of a jump combination.

Synchronized Skating: Any number of jumps of at least one revolution that may be linked with turns, steps or with a slight touch down.

Jump Element

An individual jump, a jump combination or a jump sequence.

Jump Sequence

Singles and Pairs: Two or three jumps of any number of revolutions, in which the second and/or third jump is an axel-type jump with a direct step from the landing curve of the first/second jump to the take-off curve of the axel jump. One full revolution on the ice between the jumps (free foot can touch the ice, but no weight transfer) keeps the element within the definition of a jump sequence Synchronized Skating: Consists of any number of jumps of any number of revolutions that may be linked with small hops and dance jumps, immediately following each other while maintaining the jump rhythm (knee); there can be no crossovers or stroking between jumps during the sequence.

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