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Open Stroke

A step started close beside the skating foot without crossing in front or behind. On all forward edges, the free leg is held behind before coming to the skating foot for the next step. On all backward edges the free leg is held forward before returning to the skating foot for the next step.

Optional Pattern Dance

A dance for which the pattern may be altered by a couple provided that the original step sequences, positions and timing are maintained. Each repetition of the altered pattern must be executed in the same manner and the restart must be commenced from the same place.

Pair Pivot

A pivot executed by two skaters where one of the skaters becomes the centre point and the supported skater glides around the centre point.


A term in ice dance for a movement in which the free foot is held up to the side of the skating leg from a closed hip position so that the free foot is parallel to the leg of the skating foot.

Pattern Dance Element

A series of prescribed steps, turns and movements in a rhythm dance consisting of a sequence of a pattern dance or a section of a pattern dance or a combination of steps/turns from pattern dances


A two-footed movement in which the toe picks of one foot are inserted into the ice by a skater as a central pivoting point while the other foot travels in a circular pattern around the pivot point.

Point Of Intersection

In synchronized skating, the point of intersection is an additional feature for the intersection element and is a type of movement/rotation that the skaters execute at the axis of intersection.

Program Component (PC)

The mark given by a judge to assess the different aspects of a skater’s performance. There are five PCs: Skating Skills, Transitions, Performance, Composition, and Interpretation. The Program Components marking range is from 0.25 to 10.0.   


A step or sequence of steps in which the free foot passes the skating foot before is it placed on the ice, thereby bringing the new free foot off the ice trailing the new skating foot.


A type of Progressive skated in Open Hold by a couple on the same or opposite feet derived from a similar forward walking movement in some ballroom dances (e.g., steps 9-11 in the Blues and steps 16-19 in the Tango).

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