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An element where the skater rapidly revolves, centred on a single point on the ice, while holding one or more body positions.  In singles and pairs, a spin must have at least three revolutions to be considered a spin. The minimum number of revolutions in a position is two without interruption.

Spin In One Position

In singles and pairs, any spin which has only one of the three basic positions and no non-basic positions.  In spins in one position and flying spins in one position, the concluding upright position at the end of the spin is not considered to be another position independent of the number of revolutions, as long as the skater is executing only the final wind-up without any enhancements.


A gliding position executed on one foot with free leg extended (including knee and foot) above hip level.

Spiral Sequence

A collection of at least two spirals executed on different feet.  The spirals must not be separated by other elements such as jumps or spins.  Some categories have requirements for the number of steps between the spirals, supported/unsupported and/or skating direction of the spirals.

Spread Eagle

A curving, two-footed movement in which the skater skates with one foot on a forward edge and the other on a matching backward edge on the same curve (eg. outside and outside).

Start Of Pattern Dance

The first step after the introductory steps.

Stationary Lift

In ice dance, a Short Lift that is executed on the spot (stationary location) by the lifting partner who may or may not be rotating.


The visible tracing on the ice that is executed on one foot. A step is counted each time there is a change of foot.

Straight Line Lift

In ice dance, a Short Lift in which the lifting partner travels in a straight line in any position on one foot or two feet.

Strong Beat

The first beat of the measure or group of two measures supporting the skating count of the rhythm.

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