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Swing Rocker

A type of rocker or counter in which the free foot swings smoothly past close to the skating foot before the turn and after the turn is either moved past the skating foot and held behind over the tracing or allowed to swing forward.

Swing Roll

A roll held for several beats of music during which, when skating backward, the free leg lifts and then first swings forward, then backward past the skating foot, then back beside to skate the next step. When skating forward, the free leg first swings backward, then forward and then back beside to skate the next step. The swing of the leg gives the sense of a rolling movement.

Swing S Step

An open or closed S step in which the free leg swings forward closely past the skating leg and then back to the skating foot to execute the turn (e.g. steps 5 and 6 [first part] of the Quickstep).

Synchronized Skating Lift

An action in which the skater(s) is(are) lifted/elevated to any height either by the lifting skaters or by the lifted skater(s) themselves using body support from other skaters and is counted as a lift when a skater is held off the ice for more than three seconds.  

  • Pair lift used in synchronized skating is an action in which one skater is elevated by one other skater and set down. 
  • Group lift used in synchronized skating is an action in which one or more skater(s) is(are) elevated to any height by two or more skaters and set down and at least one skate of the lifting skater is on the ice at all times. 
  • Stationary Lift is a lift that is executed on the spot (stationary location) by the lifting skater(s).
  • Stationary Lift that glides during the preparation, lift/execution and exit: All skaters in a group lift and both skaters in pair lift skate or glide as they prepare for the lift. The supporting/lifting skater(s) continues to glide as the lift is executed and during the exit. The lift continues to glide upon landing.
  • Stationary Lift that rotates on the spot is a lift that remains stationary as it rotates. The supporting skaters in a group lift and lifting skater in a pair lift may glide without turning or may change direction using two-footed turns.
  • Rotational lift that glides and rotates at the same time: A lift in which lifting skater(s) rotate while gliding/traveling across the ice. All skaters in a group lift and both skaters in a pairs lift skate glide as they prepare for the lift and during the rotation. The supporting skaters in a group lift and lifting skaters in a pairs lift change direction using a two-footed turn. All skaters in a group lift and both skaters in a pairs lift continue to glide during the exit of the lift and upon landing.
  • Acrobatic lifts are moves in which the skater is held only by either the blade(s), foot(feet) or leg(s) and is swung around or is held in a sustained vertical position with the head down.  These lifts are illegal in competition.  

Synchronized Skating Pair Spin

A spin skated by two skaters performed on the spot around a common axis simultaneously for three revolutions without interruption.  This spin is started and completed on one foot. One or both of the partners may be in different spinning positions and in any hold.  The same spinning position(s) occur(s) at the same time if more than one pair is executing the spin.

Syncopated Choreography

In synchronized skating, choreography or elements that have a rhythmic time delay in movement.

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