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Combination Spin

A spin which includes a change of position. A combination spin must include a minimum of two different basic positions with two revolutions in each of these positions anywhere within the spin. To receive full value, a spin combination must include all three basic positions.

Competitive Season

July 1 - June 30 of any given year


In synchronized skating, a configuration is the number of lines, spokes and circles in an element (for example Block or Wheel, etc.).

Continuous Axis

An imaginary line running around the ice surface that serves as a basis for a dance pattern. Usually the continuous axis consists of two lines running parallel to the long axis of the ice surface, approximately halfway between the long axis and the perimeter of the rink. These lines are joined at each end of the ice surface by a semi-circle.


A turn executed on one foot from an outside edge to an outside edge or an inside edge to an inside edge, with the exit curve on a different lobe from the entry curve. The skater turns in the direction opposite to the entry curve (i.e. in the direction of the exit curve).

Counter Rotation

In the air, the body rotates in the direction opposite to the way it does on the take-off edge.


A movement in which the free foot is held up in contact with the skating leg from an open hip position so that the free foot is parallel to the leg of the skating foot.

Cross Roll

(Forward/Backward) A roll started with the action of the free foot approaching the skating foot from the side and passing continuously the skating foot on ice to the next outside curve. At the same time, the body weight transfers from one outside curve to the new outside curve to create a rolling movement.  Following this action, an outside edge is required.

Cross Stroke

In ice dance, a step started with the feet crossed so that the impetus or power is gained from the outside edge of the foot that is becoming the free foot. (Note - legs cross above the knees.)

Cross-foot Spin

An upright spin position where both feet of the skater(s) are on the ice while spinning.  The feet may be crossed in front or behind.

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