Terms used:

International Skating Union

The International Skating Union (ISU) is the exclusive international sport federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee administering the sports of Figure Skating and Speed Skating throughout the world. The ISU is composed of a number of national associations called ISU Members that administer ISU sports at the national level and recognize that all international matters are under the sole jurisdiction and control of the ISU.


Each entity that meets the requirements of any of the three Member classes as defined in Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws].


Qualifying Competitions

A qualifying event is any competition or any event that qualifies skaters to the sectional championships and higher. These include, without limitation, National Summer Series, Sectional Championships, Skate Canada Challenge, Synchronized Regional Championships, Canadian Figure Skating Championships and the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships.

Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions

All Non-Canadian citizens interested in competing in the current seasons’ Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions are required to complete the Non-Canadian Citizen Application. To be eligible to compete, you must present an “Acceptance” letter from the Skate Canada National Office when you register for entry into the seasons Qualifying Competition.

Non-Canadian Citizen Application

The applicant will need to provide the following items when completing the application:

  • A Notarized Declaration of intent to become a Canadian Citizen. The form can be found here.
  • A copy of the applicant’s valid passport
  • A copy of the applicant’s permanent resident card or proof that they have filed for Canadian citizenship.
  • A release letter provided by the applicant’s previous federation. If you do not yet have a release letter, please contact Laura Baker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Applications will not be considered complete until Skate Canada receives all required or subsequently requested information or documentation from the applicant.

Pairs and Ice Dance

According to the ISU and Skate Canada’s Eligibility rules: In the case of a pair or an ice dance couple, at least one partner must be a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident. The other partner may be a citizen or resident of a country of any other ISU Member Federation and need not reside in Canada.

In addition to providing the information above, the applicant will also have to provide the following information for his or her partner:

  • A copy of the partner’s valid passport

Other Requirements 

Unless waived by the High Performance Department, competitors wishing to enter Skate Canada qualifying competitions and championships shall have passed the tests as listed in the Skate Canada Competition Program Requirements for each discipline before October 1st preceding the Championships.

If the application is approved, Skate Canada will forward the applicant an “Acceptance” letter by mid-October confirming that the applicant can register for the Skate Canada Qualifying Competition. A copy of the “Acceptance” letter must be included with your registration every time you enter a Skate Canada competition.

Skate Canada urges Non-Canadian citizens to begin the application process as soon as possible as they will not be able to register and/or enter the Skate Canada Qualifying Competition prior to completing this process.

Please refer to Skate Canada Competitions and ISU Rule 109 as the responsibility for complying with the rules rests solely with the applicant.

Please complete the Non-Canadian Citizen Application by no later than the 25th of August of each year.