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Skate Canada Coach

A skating expert with the required National Coaching Certification Program qualifications to provide a remunerated service at Skate Canada sanctioned clubs and skating schools, both on- and off-ice. These individuals shall have registered, provided full payment and have met all professional coach registration requirements as set annually by Skate Canada.


The visible tracing on the ice that is executed on one foot. A step is counted each time there is a change of foot.


The visible tracing on the ice that is executed on one foot. A step is counted each time there is a change of foot.

Coaches are required to complete a Volunteer Criminal Record Check - EPIC online via This check can be completed in three simple steps!

Register or Login

  • Click on the following link: You will be taken to the Skate Canada BackCheck welcome screen.
  • Click on "Start My Check” to commence registration

New Coaches

For coaches completing BackCheck screening for the first time you will need your Skate Canada ID Number to register.

Returning Coaches

For returning coaches completing BackCheck screening you will need your Skate Canada ID Number, User Name and Password to log in.

Provide Consent

  • Click on Inbox to find the invitation
  • Click on Skate Canada/Patinage Canada
  • The following will appear:  "Accept & Continue" to purchase Service

Verify Identity

You will be asked to answer a series of questions relating to your credit file and address history to prove your identity online. Once you have correctly answered the identity verification questions, then the background check request will be processed.

However, if you failed to answer the online questions correctly, then you need to take an extra step to proceed with your check. You will need to print the ID Verification form and take it, along with 2 pieces of ID to your hiring manager or nearest Canada Post location.

Note: The online ID verification process utilizes out of the wallet questions pulled from candidate's credit history. This is completed through TransUnion (one of the main credit unions in Canada). Please take note that this is not a credit report and it does not affect the candidate’s credit score.

BackCheck will automatically share the results with Skate Canada. 

Have you already completed a criminal record check for another organization?

If you have already completed the Online Criminal Record Check - EPIC through for another organization, you may easily share your results with Skate Canada by:

  • logging into your account
  • clicking on View & Share
  • typing Skate Canada in the text box
  • checking off the box that confirms that you consent to sharing the results
  • clicking on the button that says Share Check

Results from the Online Criminal Record Check - EPIC done for another organization can only be shared with Skate Canada if they are less than six months old.  Otherwise, a new criminal record check must be completed at

If you have any questions or if you are experiencing issues while completing your screening BackCheck has customer service agents available at 1-877-455-6730 (Option 1, then option 2). When contacting BackCheck make sure to identify yourself as a Skate Canada coach.