Terms used:

Good Standing

A person who has paid all dues outstanding to Skate Canada, a Club, or a Skating School (as applicable) and whom the Board has not declared not to be in good standing and in the case of Members, a Member whose Membership has not been terminated pursuant to Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws].


The status of being in one of the classes as outlined in section 3.1 hereof [of the bylaws].


An organization incorporated or organized in a particular province or territory (and in some cases, a combination thereof) strategically aligned with Skate Canada, that may receive funds from provincial or territorial Governmental Authorities and be subject to applicable sport recognition programs and transfer payment arrangements. Each Section is held to the governance and operating requirements of their respective province and / or territory(ies) and is responsible for skating in their respective jurisdictions.

Skate Canada Coach

A skating expert with the required National Coaching Certification Program qualifications to provide a remunerated service at Skate Canada sanctioned clubs and skating schools, both on- and off-ice. These individuals shall have registered, provided full payment and have met all coach registration requirements as set annually by Skate Canada.


Skate Canada is committed to creating a safe environment both on and off the ice in which everyone of this organization are treated with respect and dignity. Skate Canada Coaches are responsible and accountable for creating a sporting environment that is free of harassment, abuse, bullying and neglect.


Individuals as listed in Section 1 of the Coach Membership Procedure will comply with the requirements as defined in items (1) and (2):

(1)    Registered: To be a Registered Skate Canada Coach, full payment is required of all registration fees and insurance premiums as determined annually by Skate Canada.

(2)    In Good Standing: To be a Registered Skate Canada Coach in Good Standing, the following is required:

  • Hold a valid first aid certificate
  • Complete a screening through BackCheck, the company approved by Skate Canada and must show a status of “Clear”
  • Hold a NCCP status of CanSkate In-training or higher or must be a CanPowerSkate Coach
  • NCCP certified coaches only are required to maintain a renewed certification status in the Locker by completing professional development (PD) activities and earning PD points per the Coaching Association of Canada’s NCCP Maintenance of Certification Policy
  • Completed the Skate Canada Code of Ethics eLearning module
  • Complete the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Training eLearning module every 3 years

Coach Membership Privileges

  • In addition to the rights afforded to Registered Coaches in Good Standing as articulated in the Skate Canada Bylaws, all Registered Coaches in Good Standing are given the following privileges:
    Permission to use the Skate Canada logo in professional material (including but not limited to resumes, business cards, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Permission to coach on Skate Canada ice

Subject to the additional provisions of the Coach Accreditation Policy, permission to coach at Skate Canada sanctioned competitions


  • Due to the position of trust, failure to comply with the Skate Canada Coach Membership Policy and the associated Procedure may result in disciplinary action such as limitation of privileges and/or termination of the Skate Canada Coach Membership.  A penalty fee may also apply.