Terms used:


A not-for-profit organization that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs and is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


Each entity that meets the requirements of any of the three Member classes as defined in Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws].



Includes (i) an individual who is registered by a Club or Skating School with Skate Canada and who is subject to all applicable rules, regulations and policies of Skate Canada but who is not a Member; and (ii) an individual who is engaged in any activity provided, sponsored, supported, sanctioned or recognized by Skate Canada and registered directly with Skate Canada but who is not a Member.

Registration Year

September 1 to August 31 of any given year.


As defined in Section 8.1 hereof [of the bylaws].

Skating School

An organization other than a Club that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs.

The home organization of a registrant is the member club or skating school through which the individual registers with Skate Canada as a registrant.  

A registrant may be a member of more than one club or skating school, but can only have one home organization per registration year.

A registrant who belongs to more than one club or skating school must advise each organization of which he/she is a member as to his/her declaration of a home organization not later than September 1st of each year. If a registrant fails to make such declaration, then the first of the organizations to submit the individual’s registration will be the home organization for that registration year.

If a registrant wishes to change home organizations following registration for a particular registration year, they must notify Skate Canada.  Changes to home organization that involve a change of section are subject to provisions as included in section policies.