Terms used:


A not-for-profit organization that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs and is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


Each person that meets the requirements of any of the three Member classes as defined in Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws] and that has been duly admitted as a member of Skate Canada.



Includes (i) an individual who is registered by a Club or Skating School with Skate Canada and who is subject to all applicable rules, regulations and policies of Skate Canada but who is not a Member; and (ii) an individual who is engaged in any activity provided, sponsored, supported, sanctioned or recognized by Skate Canada and registered directly with Skate Canada but who is not a Member.

Registration Year

September 1 to August 31 of any given year.


An organization incorporated or organized in a particular province or territory (and in some cases, a combination thereof) strategically aligned with Skate Canada, that may receive funds from provincial or territorial Governmental Authorities and be subject to applicable sport recognition programs and transfer payment arrangements. Each Section is held to the governance and operating requirements of their respective province and / or territory(ies) and is responsible for skating in their respective jurisdictions.

Skating School

An organization other than a Club that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs.

The home organization of a registrant is the member club or skating school through which the individual registers with Skate Canada as a registrant.  

A registrant may be a member of more than one club or skating school, but can only have one home organization per registration year.

A registrant who belongs to more than one club or skating school must advise each organization of which he/she is a member as to his/her declaration of a home organization not later than September 1st of each year. If a registrant fails to make such declaration, then the first of the organizations to submit the individual’s registration will be the home organization for that registration year.

If a registrant wishes to change home organizations following registration for a particular registration year, they must notify Skate Canada.  Changes to home organization that involve a change of section are subject to provisions as included in section policies.