Terms used:


A not-for-profit organization that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs and is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


A not-for-profit organization that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs and is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


An individual sixteen years of age or older who is responsible for evaluating assessments in the STAR 6-Gold structure.  Evaluators are qualified to assess in one or more disciplines.

Skating School

An organization other than a Club that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs.


An element where the skater rapidly revolves, centred on a single point on the ice, while holding one or more body positions.  In singles and pairs, a spin must have at least three revolutions to be considered a spin. The minimum number of revolutions in a position is two without interruption.


STAR 1-5 is the official "learn to figure skate" program of Skate Canada. It covers the content outlined in the Learn to Train stage of development which is identified as "the golden age of learning". Ensuring that all Skate Canada clubs and skating schools are offering this program to its potential will support the recruitment and retention of life-ling figure skaters in our sport.

Below you will find everything you need to deliver this program at your club or skating school.

STAR 1-5 Resource Guide 

The STAR 1-5 Resource Guide contains all the information needed to deliver the STAR 1-5 program at your club or skating school.  Topics include:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Schedule strategies
  • Sample session and lesson plans 
  • Coaching strategies
  • and more...

Access the STAR 1-5 Resource Guide 

STAR 1-5 Standard Videos

Video libraries of the STAR 1 - Gold standards in all disciplines have been created as a resource for coaches, evaluator, and parents.  These playlists can be found on our Skating Development Video Library channel on YouTube. The playlists include examples of the assessment content being performed at, above, and below the identified standard for each STAR level. This supports a consistent understanding of expected performance levels across the country. 

The playlists are an excellent resource for:

  • Coaches
  • Skaters
  • Parents

STAR 1-5 Tutorials

The STAR 1-5 Tutorial videos offer coaches tips and strategies for quality skill development. They are great tools for ideas, techniques, and refreshers.
Topics include:

  • Off ice classes
  • session formats/layouts
  • Skills
  • Spin/Jump progressions
  • Fitness
  • Synchro

Access STAR 1-5 Tutorial videos

Ask an Expert (Coming soon)

This series of videos provides helpful clarifications and explores frequently asked questions. 

Modified Delivery and Sharing Ice Options

The delivery of the STAR 1-5 program can be modified to meet the needs of various participants.

Programs may also share the ice with other programs when appropriate. Examples of shared ice modifications are also included in this resource. 

Access Modified Delivery and Sharing Ice Options PDF 

STAR 1-5 Marketing Toolkit


These posters provide clubs and skating schools with official branding, pictures and slogans for the current season.  These items may be used in the following locations:

  • Websites, social media
  • Newsletters, bulletin boards, flyers, emails
  • Newspaper ads

Brand Marketing Toolkit

Canada Skates Featuring STAR 1-5

Canada Skates is a video series featuring a variety of topics related to the quality delivery of our programs. Canada Skates featuring STAR 1-5 provides highlights, tips and strategies to coaches, program assistants, and clubs or skating schools on how to maximize their program delivery. 

These videos may also be used to educate parents and skaters. Topics include:

  • Training strategies
  • Performance development
  • On ice classes
  • Off ice classes
  • Assessments

These videos may be shared through social media, websites, or email.

Access Canada Skates Featuring STAR 1-5 videos

STAR 1-5 Tools & Supplies

The following items may be downloaded to assist in the delivery of the STAR 1-5 program:

STAR 1-5 Assessments 

Information and resources supporting assessments in the STAR 1-5 program are found on the Assessment Guide in the Info Centre. Resources located here include:

  • Assessment Resource Guides for all disciplines
  • Assessment Sheets for all disciplines

Access to the Assessment Guide

eLearning for STAR 1-5

To further support the quality development of this program, visit our eLearning site to explore workshops, seminars and modules on STAR 1-5. Some options include: 

STAR 1-5 Requirements and Delivery Standards

Click the following link to view the minimum requirements and delivery standards by which all Skate Canada clubs and skating schools must abide when offering the STAR 1-5 program. Note: The advanced delivery standards are optional. 

Access Skate Canada Program Requirements and Delivery Standards PDF

Minimum Requirements and Delivery Standards