Terms used:


The name given to a group of skaters entered in a category.  There may be one event per category or several events per category depending on the number of total entries.  Each event is independent of the other events within the category. 

Good Standing

A person who has paid all dues outstanding to Skate Canada, a Club, or a Skating School (as applicable) and who the Board has not declared not to be in good standing and in the case of Members, a Member whose Membership has not been terminated pursuant to Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws].


The state of being a Member.

Qualifying Events

A qualifying event is any competition or any event that qualifies skaters to the sectional championships and higher. These include, without limitation, National Summer Series, Sectional Championships, Skate Canada Challenge, Synchronized Regional Championships, Canadian Figure Skating Championships and the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships.

Registration Year

September 1 to August 31 of any given year.


As defined in Section 8.1 hereof [of the bylaws].

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National Coaching Certification Program

 CanSkate Coach


The NCCP CanSkate context prepares coaches to teach skating at the Learn to Skate stage of development as well as deliver the CanSkate program. Coaches are introduced to biomechanics, skill analysis and quality delivery standards. CanSkate Coaches are eligible to coach at the CanSkate level only. 

Notice Board: CanSkate Coach Update

Access the NCCP CanSkate Coach Pathway 

CanPowerSkate Coach

The NCCP CanPowerSkate context prepares coaches to enhance skating skill development at the Learn to Train stage of development for the sports of hockey and ringette. Coaches will also be trained to deliver the CanPowerSkate program.  Biomechanics and skill analysis are further developed.  Coaches in this context must wear hockey skates and gloves, and  bring a hockey or ringette stick to the course.

Access the CanPowerSkate Coach Pathway

Regional Coach


The NCCP Regional Coach context prepares coaches to teach figure skating at the Learn to Train stage of development. Coaches will also be trained to deliver the STAR 1-5 program.  Planning is introduced for lessons, sessions and training. Skill corrective exercises are emphasized through exploration of technique, biomechanics and training strategies. Regional Coaches are eligible to coach figure skating at all levels.

Notice Board: Regional Coach Update

Access the NCCP Regional Coach Pathway 

Provincial Coach

The NCCP Provincial Coach context prepares coaches to further train figure skaters at the Learn to Compete stage of development. Please note that this context is currently under revision and the pathway will be updated in 2020. 

Notice Board: Provincial Coach Update

Access the NCCP Provincial Coach Pathway

National Coach

The NCCP National Coach context is designed for coaches working skaters at the Train to Compete through to the Learn/Live to Win stage of development. Emphasis is placed on strategy development and a well rounded coaching skill set.

Access the NCCP National Coach Pathway

The Locker

The Locker is the Coaching Association of Canada’s Database which houses NCCP achievements for all coaches in over 60 National Sports. Every coach who has taken NCCP training has their own profile which is unique to their individual NCCP number. As a Skate Canada coach, it is important that you visit your Locker on to ensure proper status is captured. Through the Locker Profile, certified coaches can also track and manage their Maintenance of Certification (Professional Development points)

Accessing your Locker

  • Go to Coaching Association of Canada website (coach.ca)
  • Go to "The Locker" located top right-hand side
  • To login: Enter either your NCCP # or your e-mail address

If you do not have your NCCP # you can access “Lookup my NCCP#”

If you have forgotten your password you can use “Forgot my password”

PLEASE NOTE: If there is an ATTENTION showing in your locker please contact CAC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain access to your locker

Description of Headings in the Locker

  1. Details: This has all your personal information, please ensure that all information is correct and that you indicate that you wish to receive emails from the CAC. The CAC provides many Multi-Sport modules that you can take to obtain PD points.
  2. Certification:
    1. Transcripts: Outlines your NCCP achievements
    2. Maintenance: Outlines the dates of your Maintenance of Certification 3 year cycle as well as the points accumulated.
    3. Coach DeveloperOutlines the pathway to become a Coach Developer. Skate Canada selects coach developers through an application process upon revision of an NCCP program or as needed by a Section.
    4. Self Report: Where you can self-report Professional Development activities for Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Skate Canada recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in professional development programs which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing among the coaching community. Skate Canada coaches with a NCCP certification are required to obtain professional development (PD) points on a three-year cycle in order to maintain their NCCP status and remain in-good standing with Skate Canada. 

Access more information on Maintenance of Certification 

Coach Registration and In Good Standing Requirements 

Coaches are responsible for maintaining an in good standing status throughout the registration year while actively coaching in Skate Canada clubs or skating schools. Coaches who are not in good standing are not permitted to coach. Coaches are encouraged to utilize their coach dashboard through the Membership Site to monitor these requirements. The following requirements must remain up to date:

  • Registered: full payment is required of all registration fees and insurance premiums as determined annually by Skate Canada.
  • Valid first aid certificate 
  • Clear screening through Skate Canada's Back Check 
  • Have an NCCP status of CanSkate (or CanPowerSkate) In-training or higher
    • NCCP certified coaches must maintain their status through Maintenance of Certification 
  • Completed Skate Canada's Code of Ethics training 
  • Valid Respect in Sport Activity Leader Training 

Access the Professional Coach Membership Procedure

Coach Accreditation Policy for Skate Canada Qualifying Events

Access the Coach Accreditation Policy for Skate Canada Qualifying Events

Coaching Resources 

Program Resources 

Visit the following guides to assist in the delivery of Skate Canada programs.

Video Resources

Visit our Skating Development Video Library to explore skill standards, coach tutorials and more. Visit our eLearning site to explore workshops, seminars and other modules.