Terms used:


The board of Directors of Skate Canada.


A not-for-profit organization that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs and is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


An individual elected or appointed to serve on the Board pursuant to this Bylaw.

International Skating Union

The International Skating Union (ISU) is the exclusive international sport federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee administering the sports of Figure Skating and Speed Skating throughout the world. The ISU is composed of a number of national associations called ISU Members that administer ISU sports at the national level and recognize that all international matters are under the sole jurisdiction and control of the ISU.


Each person that meets the requirements of any of the three Member classes as defined in Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws] and that has been duly admitted as a member of Skate Canada.



The president of Skate Canada. The President is the chair of the Board.


An organization incorporated or organized in a particular province or territory (and in some cases, a combination thereof) strategically aligned with Skate Canada, that may receive funds from provincial or territorial Governmental Authorities and be subject to applicable sport recognition programs and transfer payment arrangements. Each Section is held to the governance and operating requirements of their respective province and / or territory(ies) and is responsible for skating in their respective jurisdictions.

Skating School

An organization other than a Club that is operating for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada skating programs.


Skate Canada is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing Mr. David Dore as a key “Builder” in the figure skating community through a fund created in his honour and memory, named the David Dore Mentorship Fund.

Mr. Dore was a competitive skater, an official, a volunteer, a President and a Director General of the Canadian Figure Skating Association, an International Skating Union Vice-President and a world-renowned figure skating visionary and leader. He was bestowed with several honours, including being a Member of the Olympic Order, an Honoured Member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, a recipient of three Governor General Awards and a Member of the Skate Canada Hall of Fame. The timeless impact that David Dore had on figure skating will never be forgotten.


The David Dore Mentorship Fund provides an opportunity for a Skate Canada skater, coach, official, volunteer and/or an administrator/staff at a club, section or national level to develop leadership skills with the goal of enhancing Skate Canada’s leadership depth. Candidates must demonstrate the potential to be positive and contributing leaders in the sport of figure skating within Canada.


The selected candidate will attend the Skate Canada Ice Summit from May 28-30, 2020 in Moncton, NB, including:

  • Thursday & Friday workshops
  • Welcome Reception
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Skate Canada Awards Banquet

Full Ice Summit Schedule can be found HERE

The candidate will also be invited to partake in the following unique opportunities:

  • An opportunity to help facilitate a workshop (if applicable)
  • “Shadow” a Skate Canada leader (e.g., past or current president, board member, senior management, coach, official, volunteer)
  • Participate in a “one-on-one” Q & A session with a Skate Canada leader (e.g., past or current president, board member, senior management, coach, official, volunteer)

The selected candidate will also receive:

  • Travel to and from the Ice Summit, including ground transportation
  • Accommodation (max. 4 nights)
  • Per diem for meals not covered at the Ice Summit


Applicant Requirements

  • Must be a current registered Skate Canada skater, coach, official, volunteer or an administrator/staff within Skate Canada
  • Must have been involved with Skate Canada for at least two years and will continue to stay committed and engaged as a leader in figure skating in Canada
  • Must provide a nomination letter from a Skate Canada skater, club, skating school or section endorsing your leadership role within Skate Canada
  • Must have proven volunteer or work experience in a leadership role within Skate Canada

Application Process

To be considered for the Fund, applicants must complete the electronic application form (link below). The application form must include:

  1. Personal information
  2. Video submission
  3. Minimum of two reference letters indicating volunteer or work experience in a leadership role (one at least from a Skate Canada club, skating school or section)

All content can be submitted through the following link: David Dore Mentorship Application Form & Video Submission
Applications must be completed and submitted by 8:00 a.m. ET on Friday, April 10, 2020. Only completed applications will be considered in the selection process.

Video Content Requirements

All applicants must submit a video (maximum of five minutes in length) addressing the following points:

  • A brief personal introduction
  • Your volunteer philosophy and definition of a leader
  • Your volunteer and/or professional work experience in a leadership role
  • Your strengths and challenges in a volunteer and/or work experience leadership role
  • As a leader:
    • Describe your involvement as a volunteer and/or professional work experience at a Skate Canada club, section or national level
    • Describe how your involvement in that leadership role made an impact at a Skate Canada club, section or national level
  • Express some goals/objectives that you want to pursue and achieve that would further develop and enhance figure skating in Canada
  • What inspires you the most about Mr. David Dore’s leadership commitment to figure skating in Canada
  • Tell us why you should be selected for the David Dore Mentorship Fund


Selection Process

The Skate Canada David Dore Mentorship Fund Selection Committee will select a recipient. The Selection Committee consists of a member of the Skate Canada Board of Directors, two family/friend representatives of Mr. Dore and the Skate Canada Alumni & Fund Manager. Skate Canada reserves the right to not select a Mentorship Fund recipient if there is no viable candidate.

The recipient will be notified on or before May 1, 2020.