Terms used:


The name given to a group of skaters entered in a category.  There may be one event per category or several events per category depending on the number of total entries.  Each event is independent of the other events within the category. 


An individual sixteen years of age or older who has been trained and appointed to officiate at or below a specified level of competition in one or more of singles, pairs, ice dance or synchronized skating.


Skate Canada supports the principles of dispute resolution and is committed to the techniques of negotiation, facilitation, mediation and arbitration as effective ways to resolve disputes with and among members.

In case of a conflict between Skate Canada members, the individuals involved in the dispute must make every effort to resolve the conflict amongst themselves.

A Club may refer a dispute to the Section Dispute Resolution procedure where:

  1. reasonable efforts to resolve the conflict have failed; and
  2. the disputing parties agree in writing to engage in dispute resolution to resolve the conflict.