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A delegate of a Club or Skating School to a Members Meeting.


An individual elected or appointed to serve on the Board pursuant to this Bylaw.

Elected Director

Any of Director (West), Director (Ontario), Director (Quebec), Director (Atlantic), Director (Coach), or Director at Large duly elected pursuant to Article 5 hereof. “Elected Director” includes a person appointed to fill a vacancy resulting from the departure of an Elected Director.

Good Standing

A person who has paid all dues outstanding to Skate Canada, a Club, or a Skating School (as applicable) and whom the Board has not declared not to be in good standing and in the case of Members, a Member whose Membership has not been terminated pursuant to Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws].

Honorary Associate

An individual who has distinguished him or herself through exceptional service to Skate Canada and has been recognized by the Board as an “Honorary Associate.”


Each person that meets the requirements of any of the three Member classes as defined in Article 3 hereof [of the bylaws] and that has been duly admitted as a member of Skate Canada.


Members' Meetings

Annual Meetings and/or Special Meetings.


The status of being in one of the classes as outlined in section 3.1 hereof [of the bylaws].

Membership Year

An annual period commencing each year on September 1st on a given calendar year and expiring on August 31st of the following year.


The President and such other officers as the Board may determine by Ordinary Resolution.

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