Starting-up the CanPowerSkate Program

  • Is there a need, demand, interest for the CanPowerSkate program? Market research and surveying must be done before starting-up a CanPowerSkate program. Survey the following groups:

o Community surrounding Skate Canada Club

o Minor Hockey Associations (local)

o Ringette Associations (local)

  • Is there an opportunity to collaborate or partner with other organizations? For example:

o Minor Hockey Associations

o Ringette Associations

o Community Learn to Play Hockey programs

o Schools

  • Is there available ice-time available to run the CanPowerSkate program? The CanPowerSkate program curriculum is based on 10-11 session structure, which can be scheduled in a number of ways (see: CanPowerSkate Manual)
  • The CanPowerSkate program can only be run by a recognized and active member Skate Canada skating club. All participants of the CPS program must pay the Skate Canada membership fee, and be registered into the Skate Canada data base
  • The CanPowerSkate program can only be executed by a certified and active CanPowerSkate Coach. CPS Coaches must also be active Skate Canada member coaches (see: “CanPowerSkate Coach Certification”)
  • The CanPowerSkate program must be executed using trained Program Assistants, who are versed in hockey/ringette

o Offering the CanPowerSkate program in a club is a team effort. The team consists of the Skate Canada certified CanPowerSkate coach, Program Assistants or demonstrators, and a person designated as CanPowerSkate administrator. The coaches and assistants are responsible for the on-ice activities and the administrator usually takes care of off-ice responsibilities. Any decisions affecting the on-ice portion of the program should be made in conjunction with the coach

  • Once all of the above are in place – advertise and market! Advertising and marketing are important procedures for growing your CanPowerSkate program (see: “Growing the CanPowerSkate Program” document)

NOTE: It is very important with regard to the program’s image and credibility that hockey skates be worn and hockey/ringette stick utilized, by all CPS Coaches and Program Assistants involved in CanPowerSkate

NOTE: The CanPowerSkate Program may only be offered through a Skate Canada member skating club. All coaches must be Skate Canada member coaches to teach the CanPowerSkate program

NOTE: The CanPowerSkate program is under copyright and is available only through Skate Canada member skating clubs