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A step or sequence of steps in which the free foot passes the skating foot before is it placed on the ice, thereby bringing the new free foot off the ice trailing the new skating foot.

Starting-up the CanPowerSkate Program

  • Is there a need, demand, interest for the CanPowerSkate program? Market research and surveying must be done before starting-up a CanPowerSkate program. Survey the following groups:

o Community surrounding Skate Canada Club

o Minor Hockey Associations (local)

o Ringette Associations (local)

  • Is there an opportunity to collaborate or partner with other organizations? For example:

o Minor Hockey Associations

o Ringette Associations

o Community Learn to Play Hockey programs

o Schools

  • Is there available ice-time available to run the CanPowerSkate program? The CanPowerSkate program curriculum is based on 10-11 session structure, which can be scheduled in a number of ways (see: CanPowerSkate Manual)
  • The CanPowerSkate program can only be run by a recognized and active member Skate Canada skating club. All participants of the CPS program must pay the Skate Canada membership fee, and be registered into the Skate Canada data base
  • The CanPowerSkate program can only be executed by a certified and active CanPowerSkate Coach. CPS Coaches must also be active Skate Canada member coaches (see: “CanPowerSkate Coach Certification”)
  • The CanPowerSkate program must be executed using trained Program Assistants, who are versed in hockey/ringette

o Offering the CanPowerSkate program in a club is a team effort. The team consists of the Skate Canada certified CanPowerSkate coach, Program Assistants or demonstrators, and a person designated as CanPowerSkate administrator. The coaches and assistants are responsible for the on-ice activities and the administrator usually takes care of off-ice responsibilities. Any decisions affecting the on-ice portion of the program should be made in conjunction with the coach

  • Once all of the above are in place – advertise and market! Advertising and marketing are important procedures for growing your CanPowerSkate program (see: “Growing the CanPowerSkate Program” document)

NOTE: It is very important with regard to the program’s image and credibility that hockey skates be worn and hockey/ringette stick utilized, by all CPS Coaches and Program Assistants involved in CanPowerSkate

NOTE: The CanPowerSkate Program may only be offered through a Skate Canada member skating club. All coaches must be Skate Canada member coaches to teach the CanPowerSkate program

NOTE: The CanPowerSkate program is under copyright and is available only through Skate Canada member skating clubs