Terms used:


The name given to a group of skaters entered in a category.  There may be one event per category or several events per category depending on the number of total entries.  Each event is independent of the other events within the category. 


A part of a sequence of a pattern dance.

CanSkate Material

With the changes to Info Centre and an initiative to refresh the look and feel of the CanSkate materials please use the following zip file to access material.

CanSkate Material

The following material is found within the zip file:

  • Element Event
  • English Manual
  • French Manual
  • Manual by section
    • CanSkate Manual Table of Contents (TOC)
    • CanSkate Manual Intro
    • CanSkate Manual CanSkate Team
    • CanSkate Manual Off-Ice planprep
    • CanSkate Manual On-Ice Tech Teach
    • CanSkate Manual Program Assistant Training
    • CanSkate Manual Element Event
    • CanSkate Manual Tech Resources
    • CanSkate Manual Appendices
  • Q&A
  • Workable Documents
    • Award Poster 
    • Evaluation Form
    • Lessons
    • Name Tag Template
    • PA Certificate
    • PPT (Program Assistant)
    • Progress Sheets
    • Skill Signs
    • Skill Descriptions
    • Workbook


CanSkate Video Library

The CanSkate video library is available here - CanSkate Video Library