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STAR Communication 6 (November 2016)

Communication 6 (November 2016)
STAR 1-5: Getting ready for change

This is an exciting time for our STAR 1-5 Stakeholders! Many clubs, skating schools and their coaches have begun to implement the STAR 1-5 program. This communication serves as a reminder and update regarding programming, assessing and training.

Important Dates:
September 1, 2017 - Full Implementation -  Preliminary and Junior Bronze tests will no longer be available after this date

All resources for the STAR 1-5 program and assessments are located in the STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit in the INFO CENTRE. New information, documents or updated documents will continue to be added as September 1, 2017 approaches. Please keep this in mind if you are printing off documents, as those documents may be updated during this time frame.

STAR 5 Freeskate Program and STAR 5a Willow Waltz are the only assessments requiring “clear ice”.  This does not mean a traditional test day. We ask that coaches and clubs/schools work together to develop a process to allow these tests to be done on clear ice without having the skater wait for a test day.

Assessments must be done in numerical order by discipline. i.e. STAR 4 dances must be successfully completed prior to the skater attempting the STAR 5 dances. Skaters can be assessed on the “a” and “b” assessments in any order. Example: STAR 2b before STAR 2a.

Coaches are reminded to provide their club/school/test chair with proof of STAR 1-5 Program Training completion certificate and STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training completion certificate PRIOR to assessing their skaters. Both of these trainings must be completed in order for a coach to assess skaters.

Test chairs are reminded to ensure the coach providing the assessment to the skater has completed the necessary training and is the coach of the skater in the discipline being assessed.

To access the online training STAR 1-5 Program Training, coaches are to log in to the Skate Canada Membership Site > eLearning > Skate Canada Programs > STAR 1-5 > STAR 1-5 Program Training

To access the online training STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training, coaches are to log in to the Skate Canada Membership Site > eLearning > Skate Canada Programs > STAR 1-5 > STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training

All communication regarding STAR 1-5 programming will be available on Info Center/Communications/ Program Updates

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