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2016 - 2017 Technical Q&A #2 - Synchronized Skating (October 14, 2016)


1.     Vaults and unsustained lifts for Novice and below

Will vaults and unsustained lifts be considered as illegal or Non-permitted, if attempted by Novice teams or lower? 

                “d) Illegal and non-permitted elements

                The illegal and non-permitted elements are following the restrictions of Rule 992, paragraph 2 c) and paragraph 3 c).

 However, Novice teams are not allowed to include vaults or un-sustained lifts since those are only to be used in Junior and Senior Free Skating.”

Vaults and unsustained lifts will be considered as non-permitted.

  1. Rotating Wheel/Circle - Appendix C

For Beginner I, Beginner II, Elementary and Adult III, the circle and wheel elements have been specified in Appendix C of the Skate Canada Technical Requirements document.  To obtain a Level 1 call, one of the two feature options listed must be included. However, Appendix C does NOT indicate that including other, non-listed, features, would be “non-permitted”.  

If an Elementary team included a change of configuration and interlocking in the circle, would this be permitted without penalty?

Yes, this would be permitted without penalty, however, teams are encouraged to choose from the options listed for early development at this level. 

The call would be Circle Level 1 because they have included one of the required feature options listed. 

  1. Elements called “no higher than”

In the Skate Canada Technical requirements, it indicates that elements will be called “no higher than Level ….”.  It no longer indicates that an attempt at a higher level is non-permitted. Will there be a penalty if a higher level is attempted?

       Unless it is otherwise indicated in the Skate Canada Technical Requirements, teams may attempt a higher level than specified for that element in the team’s category, without penalty.

        The element will be called no higher than the level specified for that category.  Example: adult II attempts intersection L2, the call will be intersection L1 (NO penalty or deduction).

  1. Circle Element – Skaters Change Places/ Positions feature

      For the change of places/positions feature in the circle, is it permissible to use a weave that only        changes once, for example, the outside skaters change to the inside only?

        No, this is not permitted. The ISU requirements state that weaving cannot be used as the change of places feature. Weaving only once still fits the ISU regulations definition: ‘All Skaters must change places at the same time. If starting on the outside Circle they must change into the center Circle.’

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