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New Coach Accreditation Policy For Skate Canada Qualifying Events

Effective:   July 1, 2017

The new coach accreditation policy being implemented next season will allow Skate Canada Professional Coaches to experience the competitive field prior to achieving a full National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) certification. Based on the relevant NCCP coach training and certification pathway, coaches with the proper credentials may be provided with the opportunity to coach their athletes at Skate Canada qualifying events.

Summary of changes:

  • To motivate coaches to reach higher NCCP status earlier in their career, the NCCP level required for accreditation at a particular event will now be tied to the skating category as outlined in the accreditation matrix below.
  • Build the competition experience as part of a coach’s development while achieving a full NCCP certification.
  • The new coach clause from the former Accreditation for Events Policy is no longer applicable as we encourage coaches to achieve higher NCCP statuses earlier in their career to better align with our competitive athlete development pathways.

Purpose:   Skate Canada and its Section Partners are committed to creating a safe competitive environment for athletes to reach optimal performance at the following qualifying events:

  • Event 1:  Sectionals and Regional Synchronized Skating
  • Event 2:  Skate Canada Challenge
  • Event 3:  National Skating Championships
  • Event 4:  Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships

This policy governs the necessary requirements to obtain coach accreditation privileges at qualifying competitions hosted by Skate Canada and its Section Partners.


As per the NCCP pathways, coaches may obtain accreditation privileges provided the qualifications in the accreditation matrix below are valid at time of competition entry and on-site during the event. The Skate Canada qualifying events are categorized below as events 1-4.

The accreditation guidelines for all other Skate Canada sanctioned competitions (as applicable) are determined by the Sections.

 Additional Considerations:

  • Coaches who are in the process of achieving a NCCP certification may be considered for accreditation provided the necessary in-training or trained status as stipulated in the relevant NCCP coach pathway is achieved. Please note: the NCCP coach pathways are currently being revised to reflect the changes in this policy. We will notify you when this information has been updated on Info Centre.
  • Non-resident coaches who do not coach in a Skate Canada club or skating school may be considered for accreditation provided that a valid screening is provided at time of competition entry and on-site at events.


Coaches who attend other competitive events not covered in the accreditation matrix, must satisfy the following requirements at time of competition entry and on-site during the following events:

(*) Chartered Professional Coach - ChPC designation with the Coaching Association of Canada.

Please contact your Section Office for information on upcoming NCCP courses in your area.


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