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Technical Communication #8 - Synchronized Skating - Call to Start (September 9, 2016)

Effective 1 July 2016 

Skate Canada rules allow that rule changes introduced by the ISU are automatically implemented in all Skate Canada programming at the Junior/Senior levels unless otherwise requested to the Skate Canada Board of Directors. As there were no exceptions granted by the Board of Directors, all ISU changes from the recent ISU Congress can be assumed to be changed within Skate Canada rules.

Because of the impact on domestic programming below Junior level, the following rule has been subsequently approved for application in domestic Synchronized Skating programming.

 Rule 838 (2016 Special Regulations and Technical Rules for Synchronized Skating) for the Call to Start which reads as follows:

   “1. Prior to each performance, the names of those Teams about to compete must be clearly called on  the ice and in the dressing rooms.

   2. Prior to the announcement, the next Team to skate must enter the ice surface for their warmup at the sign of the Referee’s Assistant at ice level. Following the warmup period of at least one (1) minute (see Rule 964), the Team is announced.

   3. Each Team must take the starting position and make a signal to the Referee of each Segment of the competition (Short Program and Free Skating) at the latest thirty (30) seconds after their name has been announced, failing which the music will be played.”


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