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Maintenance of certification de-mystified!

Are you confused or overwhelmed by CAC's Maintenance of Certification requirements that has officially replaced Skate Canada's Continuous Education Program? 


Simply put – Maintenance of Certification was designed by the NCCP stakeholders as a way to recognize YOU, certified coaches, for the coach education professional development you are already doing! The CAC and Skate Canada strongly believe in the power of continued education and as certified coaches you lead the way in exemplifying just how important continued education is.

In the last 12 months have you:

  • Attended an NCCP workshop?
  • Completed courses on the Skate Canada eLearning site? 
  • Taken an NCCP eLearning module (like Making Head Way)?
  • Attended an annual event that impacted your coaching such as the Skate Canada Ice Summit or other provincial conference or symposium?
  • Actively coached this season?
  • Attended a non-NCCP coaching event recognized in the Locker (including over 225 events with new events being added regularly)?
  • Been involved in a mentorship program?
  • Attended a webinar or guest coach lecture hosted by Skate Canada or a Section?

If you answered yes to any of the above – YOU’RE ALREADY EARNING PD POINTS!

If the list above doesn’t cover enough professional development opportunities to wet your whistle - we’re working to bring you more. Canadian coaches across the 67 NCCP sports are a diverse group, and you are constantly modelling new ways to embrace continued coaching education. In response, the CAC is continuing to develop the capacity of the Locker to track other professional development including self-directed learning and other training (such as First-Aid). Skate Canada will continue to work with the CAC and ensure that coaches obtain a "maintained" status.

So, don’t fret! Maintaining your certification isn’t meant to be daunting. Just keep doing all the meaningful coach development you do regularly and you’ll realize that you’ve been maintaining your certification all along.

If you still have questions or concerns about Maintenance of Certification – we want to hear them! Feel free to email or visit the CAC's Maintenance of Certification webpage where you’ll find loads of PD opportunities, information about how to read your PD requirements in the Locker, and a handy Frequently Asked Questions section. If that doesn’t cover it – please contact CAC at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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