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STAR Communication 5

(AUGUST 2016)

Resources and Training

The STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit will be available on Info Centre in both English and French on August 12, 2016. Resources will be added to the toolkit as they become available. Please visit often to view the latest information, as we will continue to build this library as we approach the official launch date of September 1, 2017.

The STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit will include:

Documents currently available:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Descriptions and Standards Chart (all disciplines)
  • Assessment Sheets
  • Planning
  • Terms and Definitions 

Coming soon:

  • Communication and Tools
  • On and Off Ice Strategies
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Schedules
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessor Guidelines
  • Fitness Plans, and more

Also included in the STAR 1-5 Resource Toolkit will be a link to our Video Library. This library will eventually house examples of each element in the STAR 1-5 program at all levels of assessment. The library is in the process of being built and will be available to all stakeholders during the process. Please note, not all elements will have examples at this time.

All videos will include the assessment criteria and results, however the training and resource documents for the rationale of these assessments is not yet available on our toolkit. Coaches will be informed when the STAR 1-5 Assessor Guidelines and Assessor Training is ready for access.


The STAR 1-5 Program Training will train coaches and other stakeholders on the program content and delivery aspects of the program (available August 15, 2015). This training will live in Skate Canada’s eLearning Site and be tracked in your Skate Canada membership profile.  This training is mandatory for all coaches prior to delivering the program.

Reminder: Coaches may train skaters in both the STAR 1-5 and the Preliminary, Jr. Bronze system until August 31st 2017.


The STAR 1-5 Assessor Training will train coaches on assessing their skaters in the program. It will live in Skate Canada’s eLearning site and will be available this fall. This training is mandatory for coaches to complete prior to organizing or completing any STAR 1-5 assessments. This training will be tracked in Skate Canada membership profiles for clubs/schools to verify coach eligibility.

To access Skate Canada’s Education and Training Academy (eLearning), log into Skate Canada Membership Site> eLearning > Recently released courses.

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