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Insurance Information

Participant Accident Insurance

Skate Canada registrants who are enrolled in the registration year in which they are participating in a Skate Canada program are covered by participant accident insurance. All club board members and on-ice volunteers are also covered by this insurance as long as they register with Skate Canada. Off-ice volunteers do not have to register and are covered by this insurance as long as they do not step on the ice.

Liability Insurance

Only clubs and skating schools that are registered and operate in accordance with Skate Canada rules, that offer only Skate Canada programs and that register all participants (if applicable) are covered by liability insurance.

Important note: Club board members and skating school administrators could be held personally liable should an incident occur if their club or skating school is operating a Skate Canada program with unregistered participants/coaches on the ice. It is the responsibility of the club board and skating school administrators to ensure that all professional coaches are in good standing prior to stepping on the ice. It should also be verified that all registrants have been enrolled with Skate Canada before taking part in any Skate Canada programs offered on club or skating school ice.

Optional Insurance

In addition to mandatory purchasing of liability insurance, Skate Canada clubs and skating school may choose to purchase additional coverage for items not covered by liability insurance. Note that different provinces have different additional insurance options:

Insurance FAQs

For answers to frequently asked general insurance questions that are not addressed above, please click here. You can also review the Club and Skating School Question and Answer article on the Info Centre regarding club and skating school insurance. For coach related insurance questions, please review the Coaches’ Liability Insurance Program Q&A.

Reporting an Incident

Click here to report any incident to Skate Canada that involves the health and/or safety of program participants.

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