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Skate Canada’s registration year begins on September 1 and runs until August 31. All registration related tasks are performed via the Membership Site. The Skate Canada Membership Site begins accepting registrations for the upcoming year approximately one to two weeks prior to the start of the new registration year.  Clubs and skating schools will be notified by e-mail of the exact date that registration opens.

Organization Registration

Clubs and skating schools must register their organizations annually through the Membership Site by clicking on Org Management ˃ Organization Membership.

Enrolling Registrants

Clubs and skating schools must register their skaters, officials, board members and on-ice volunteers annually through the Membership Site by clicking on Org Management ˃ Enroll Registrants. Instructions are displayed on-screen with regards to registering new and returning registrants.

Administrators can also confirm and download their registrations for any given year on the Completed Registrations page by following the on-screen instructions.

Home Organization Transfers

There are two different procedures for handling home organization transfers. The procedure to be used depends on whether the registrant to be transferred is already registered with Skate Canada.

For registrants transferring from one organization to another after they have already been registered with Skate Canada for the applicable registration year, please complete the Home Organization Transfer Request Form.

For registrants who were previously registered with Skate Canada through a different club or skating school but are not yet registered for the applicable registration year, please e-mail the following information for each registrant to

  • Full name
  • Skate Canada number
  • Previous home club or skating school

These individuals will then be added to the registrant listing of your club or skating school within the Membership Site. Once the names are available within your listing, they may be registered as usual.

Skater Program Affiliation

It is important that Skate Canada has up-to-date information on the program affiliation of all registrants. This information is essential to our sport in many different ways:

  • Through participation rates, we can monitor the effectiveness of our programs
  • To help Sections complete funding grant applications

Once individuals are registered, their program affiliations should be reported to Skate Canada through the Membership Site by clicking on Org Management > Completed Registrations.

Collection and Privacy of Registrant/Coach Information

Clubs and skating schools must ensure that the personal information that is collected from registrants and/or coaches is used for purposes within the organization only. This information must be kept confidential and cannot be sold or disclosed without written consent of the registrant/coach. E-mail addresses are to be used for individual/direct contact only. Note that e-mail addresses and phone numbers are mandatory fields in the registration process so please be sure to collect this information from anyone who registers with your club.

Registration Fees

Club and skating school fee information can be found in Skate Canada’s Info Centre.

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