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STAR Communication 4

Communication 4 
STAR 1-5: When can we start?

A quick update:

  • The STAR 1-5 Program Training will be available August 15th on our eLearning site, through your Members Login. Please visit this site asap to ensure access.
  • The STAR 1-5 Resource Tool Kit, containing both written materials and video information is in it’s final stages of construction and will be available shortly. Keep watching your emails.
  • The STAR 1-5 Assessor Training will be available in October. New skaters to the STAR program will require a period of time to train prior to being assessed. Skaters may be assessed at anytime, once the coach has completed the assessment module. If a skater seems ready to be assessed prior to the assessment module release, they may move ahead in their development and once the assessment module is completed the coach may assess multiple STAR levels on one session

These are exciting times for our Learn to Train stakeholders.

All communication regarding STAR 1-5 programming will be available on Info Center/Communications/ Program Updates.

Any questions or feedback should be directed to Heather McMahon, Skating Programs Coordinator at

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