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STAR Communication 3 (June 7, 2016)

Communication 3 (June 2016)
STAR 1-5: Getting ready for change

This communication will address a few questions for Test Chairs. Please continue to send in your feedback and questions. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to answer your questions. The FAQ will be posted in the next few weeks and will continue to grow as questions come in.

Important Dates:
Summer 2016 - Training for coaches and clubs
September 1, 2016 - Implementation as ready -  (as coaches complete the training they will be able to implement the STAR 1-5 program) (Preliminary and Junior Bronze tests will still be available)
September 1, 2017 - Full Implementation -  (Preliminary and Junior Bronze tests will no longer be available)

Common questions we have received thus far:

Does the Test Chair have to set up, attend each assessment day, book ice and secure evaluators? No, STAR 1-5 assessments will be done on regular sessions and the assessments are done by the skaters’ coach. The test chair should ensure that the appropriate assessment sheets are printed and available for coaches to use (this process will be determined by each club).

Do we have to submit a summary sheet after every assessment? This could mean submitting summary sheets multiple times a week or month. We are suggesting that a summary sheet be left “open” for a month. At the end of each month the summary sheet and all fees collected will then be submitted to Skate Canada National Service Center. Please note: Skate Canada is currently working on Digital Test Entry. More information on this will be available in September, 2016.

If a club runs both the STAR 1-5 and Preliminary – Junior Bronze tests will the test chair need to get evaluators and ice time? Yes, all Preliminary and Junior bronze tests would have to be done in the traditional manner. Clubs/schools may wish to "buddy up" and work together for external test days.

These are exciting times for our Learn to Train stakeholders.

All communication regarding STAR 1-5 programming will be available on Info Center/Communications/ Program Updates.

Any questions or feedback should be directed to Heather McMahon, Skating Program Coordinator at

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