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NCCP National Coach Program

The National Coach Program is designed for coaches working with Learn to Compete and Train to Compete athletes who will acquire the necessary skill set to improve athlete performance in preparation for provincial, national, and in some cases international competitions. 

Coaches interested in beginning their National Coach journey should be Provincial Coach trained or certified prior to attending the sport-specific training. The development of coaches at this level will include the following statuses:

  • National Coach In-Training: achieved once the Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance (ATTP) sport-specific course and workbook are completed successfully.
  • National Coach Trained: achieved once all of the required multi-sport modules are completed successfully.
  • National Coach Certified: achieved once the coach portfolio and the two evaluation observations are completed successfully. 

Sport-Specific Training:

In a multi-skating discipline environment, the ATTP 2-day course prepares coaches to refine advanced figure skating skills and strategize plans for helping their athletes reach their full potential. At the ATTP course, coaches will analyze technical skills at the novice-senior competitive levels. Based on the following learning objectives, the ATTP course will prepare coaches to:

  • Analyze technical and tactical performance by observing and defining key factors that influence competitive performance
  • Analyze technical and tactical performance by applying the principles of motion to detect and correct key performance factors
  • Identify strategies to monitor and evaluate technical and tactical performance
  • Implement and assess the effectiveness of corrections

Course Information:

The ATTP course will be offered annually by Skate Canada in conjunction with the National Ice Summit. This course may also be offered by your Section provided there is enough interest. For further information, contact us at or your Section Course Administrator

  • Suggested course fee:           $250
  • Video lesson marking fee:      $50 
  • Video lesson re-marking fee:  $50

Access to the National Coach Toolkit on Info Centre will be provided once you register for this course. In the meantime, interested coaches may review the ATTP Reference Material.

Multi-Sport Training:

From Club Coach to National Coach, multi-sport training is key to the development of our coaches. By the time you reach National Coach level, all of the following multi-sport training modules must be completed to obtain a NC trained status:

  1. Make Ethical Decisions (Competition-Development)
  2. Managing Conflict
  3. Coaching and Leading Effectively
  4. Developing Athletic Abilities
  5. Prevention and Recovery
  6. Psychology of Performance
  7. Leading Drug-free Sport
  8. Advanced Practice Planning
  9. Manage a Sport Program
  10. Performance Planning

For further information, please review the following overview and module descriptions and contact a Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCR) to get started. Depending on the module, multi-sport training may be done in-person, on-line, or by correspondence. Please inquire with the PTCR in your area. 

National Coach Certification

Skate Canada has aligned the National Coach certification requirements with LTAD program philosophies at the competition-development level. To certify at this level, it is required that coaches work with novice-senior competitive athletes in at least one skating disciplines – singles, ice dance, pair skating or synchronized skating. National Coach evaluation will include a portfolio submission, online evaluations, and two observations done to determine your competency to manage your athletes while training and at a competition.

Step 1 - Coach Portfolio: 

The coach portfolio is a compilation of tasks that will be reviewed by a Skate Canada National Coach Evaluator. It is comprised of the following six elements and must be completed prior to the one-hour training observation as a way to provide evidence that the you are ready to successfully meet the required evaluation standards.

1. Complete the following three online multi-sport evaluation

  • NCCP Competition-Development: Making Ethical Decisions (MED)
  • NCCP Competition-Development: Managing Conflict
  • NCCP Competition-Development: Leading Drug-Free Sport

Note: if you completed the multi-sport training of these modules, your evaluation modules wil be free. Without the training, there is a $85 fee per evaluation module.

2. Complete a yearly training plan (you may use the YTP template provided at the ATTP course or one you completed at Level 3).

3. Describe your coaching philosophy.

4. Submit a competition plan of your choice or use the template provided at the ATTP course.

5. Submit information on an athlete tracking and reporting tool that you currently use or use the template provided at the ATTP course.

6. Submit a program management and communications plan that you currently use or use the template provided at the Performance Planning / Program Management multi-sport module.

Once completed, coaches will need to complete the National Coach Evaluation Application Form, upload all of the portfolio documents electronically, and submit the $500 fee for the following evaluations:

  • National Coach portfolio evaluation: $100
  • National Coach training session observation: $200
  • National Coach competition observation: $200
  • Re-evaluation/observation fees may be applicable based on the areas identified as future strengths 

Step 2 - Training Session Observation:

Once your portfolio is evaluated, your assigned National Coach Evaluator will contact you to schedule the 1-hour session observation at your club or skating school. The format of this observation will consist of the following:

  • Pre-brief (this can be done in-person, on the phone, or Video conferencing such as Skype, FaceTime)
  • 1-hour observation 
  • Debrief

The purpose of this observation is to evaluate your skills to manage an athlete in a training environment.

Step 3 - Competition Observation: 

Once your training session observation is completed, your final step will be to arrange for your National Coach Evaluator to observe how you manage an athlete in a competitive environment. The competition you select (qualifying or non-qualifying event) for this observation must include novice to senior competitive categories. 

The format of this observation will consist of the following:

  • Pre-brief (should be done in-person at the competition you select)
  • Observation of a competitive event at the novice to senior level
  • Debrief 

Action Plan 

Following completion of the Competition Observation, your National Coach Evaluator will create an individualized action plan with overall feedback and recommendations for future consideration. Upon finishing this program, you will also receive a Certificate of Achievement from Skate Canada.


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