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Special Olympic Reminders and Clarifications (January 11)


Special Olympic Reminders and Clarifications


The first Special Olympic event using the CPC system took place in Ontario on December 5th. The following reminders and clarifications are based on observations and feedback gathered at the event.

Spiral Circles – the two forward spirals must be executed on the same circle. One spiral must be on an outside edge and one must be on an inside edge. A video example of the spiral circles can be found here:

Turn Sequence – the turn sequence must be performed on each food i.e. right forward outside three turn, backward crosscut, step forward followed directly by left forward outside three turn etc. A video example of the turn sequence can be found here:

Level 2 Free Skate - combination jump – the two jumps should be executed consecutively not with steps in between
Level 2 Free Skate - Spiral – the spiral MUST be a forward spiral, no other spiral may be executed

Level 1 Free Skate – there may be NO elements executed higher than stage 3 CanSkate elements i.e. no two foot spins

Ice Dance report cards – there was some confusion as to what the codes on the Ice Dance report cards meant. The scale of values found here:  shows each dance and what steps the code refers to i.e. DW11 1st Sequence, 1st Section (steps 1‐8)

Helmet requirements – the helmet must be a CSA Hockey helmet, no other helmet will be accepted.

Planned Program sheets – please only enter the elements the skater will be executing as per the program requirements i.e. Level 1 should only have 6 elements listed

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