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2015-2016 Technical Clarification #6 (August 26, 2015) - Novice Pattern Dance: Verification of Levels

This clarification has either been developed by Skate Canada or received from the ISU Technical Committees and/or Sports Directorate.  Any further official clarifications provided by the ISU after the date of this communication will take precedence and will be communicated via this website.

This season’s Program Requirements documents contain additional information. Please consult this document, the ISU website’s Questions and Answers and Technical Panel Handbooks and the clarifications below. If you still require clarification, please submit a Clarification Request.


1.0 This season it is extremely important for the Technical Panel to carefully review the application of the Key Point levels in Novice Pattern Dance.  Currently the software does not verify the level for Key Points in Novice Pattern Dance. This means that if a Key Point is identified and entered incorrectly, there is no indication on the screen to the Technical Controller that an error has been made.  For example, if the panel identifies “CC1Se1 Yes Yes Yes Level 2”, the computer will accept this even though the correct call is Level 4.   In this case the Technical Controller must instruct the Data Operator to manually make the correction.

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