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2015-2016 Technical Clarification #5 (August 26, 2015) - Short Program Verification for Required Triple Jump Combination

This clarification has either been developed by Skate Canada or received from the ISU Technical Committees and/or Sports Directorate.  Any further official clarifications provided by the ISU after the date of this communication will take precedence and will be communicated via this website.

This season’s Program Requirements documents contain additional information. Please consult this document, the ISU website’s Questions and Answers and Technical Panel Handbooks and the clarifications below. If you still require clarification, please submit a Clarification Request.


1.0 A Senior woman performs the following jumps in her short program.

  • 3S (preceeded by connecting steps)
  • 2A
  • 2S

What is the correct call for the double Salchow:  2S + C* (double Salchow combo invalidated) or 2S +C?

 The correct call for the last jump element is 2S + C.  Because the jump combination in Senior Women can consist of one triple and one double, the 2S + C is the allowed double for the combination.  This procedure would be the same for all categories for which a triple jump must be included in the jump combination and for which the second jump can be a double:  Junior Men, Senior Women, Senior Men.


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