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2015-2016 Technical Clarification #4 (August 26, 2015) - Pre-Novice Spins: Feature #10 (8 revolutions)

This clarification has either been developed by Skate Canada or received from the ISU Technical Committees and/or Sports Directorate.  Any further official clarifications provided by the ISU after the date of this communication will take precedence and will be communicated via this website.

This season’s Program Requirements documents contain additional information. Please consult this document, the ISU website’s Questions and Answers and Technical Panel Handbooks and the clarifications below. If you still require clarification, please submit a Clarification Request.

These clarifications all reference ISU Communication 1944 - Updated Guidelines for establishing GOE for errors in Short Program and Free Skating.


NOTE:  This clarification is a revised version of Question 2.2 in Technical Clarification #3.  The previous version is correct and the following clarification adds additional information in bold italics.


1.0 If a spin contains 5 features including the successful performance of 8 revolutions resulting in that feature not being needed to achieve a Level 4, can the 8 revolutions feature be counted as a feature in any spin performed later in the program?


No. Skate Canada Levels of Difficulty / ISU Communication 1944 states that the feature of 8 revolutions “[…] counts only once per program (in the first spin it is successfully performed) […]”.The application of this feature does not represent a change from past practice.

This rule is the same for Pre-Novice singles as well, even though the maximum is Level 3 for all spins.  In other words, if a Pre-Novice skater completes 4 features in a given spin, one of which is a feature #10 (8 revolutions), this feature will be counted towards Level 3 in the first spin it is successfully completed.


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