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Article 14: Notice

14.1 In the Bylaws, written notice will mean notice that is provided by telephonic, electronic, or other communication facility to each Person Entitled to Vote or Director, as the case may be. If a Member requests that a notice be given to that Member by non-electronic means, such notice will be sent by mail, courier, or personal delivery.

14.2 Date of notice will be the date on which notice is given by personal delivery, one day after the date on which the notice is delivered by telephone, electronic or other communication facility, two days after the notice is couriered, and five days after the date that the notice is mailed.

14.3 The accidental omission to give any notice to any Member, Director, Officer, member of a committee or the Auditor, or the non-receipt of any notice by any such person where Skate Canada has provided notice in accordance with the Bylaws, or any error in any notice not affecting its substance will not invalidate any action taken at any meeting to which the notice pertained.

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