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Article 13: Fundamental Changes

In accordance with subsection 197(1) (Fundamental Changes) of the Act, a Special Resolution of the Members is required to make the following fundamental changes to the Articles or Bylaws:

    1. Change Skate Canada’s name;
    2. Change the province in which Skate Canada’s registered office is situated;
    3. Add, change, or remove any restriction on the activities that Skate Canada may carry on;
    4. Create a new class or group of Members;
    5. Change a condition required for being a Member;
    6. Change the designation of any class or group of Members or add, change, or remove any rights and conditions of any such class or group;
    7. Divide any class or group of Members into two or more classes or groups and fix the rights and conditions of each class or group;
    8. Add, change, or remove a provision respecting the transfer of Membership;
    9. Increase or decrease the number of, or the minimum or maximum number of, Directors;
    10. Change the statement of purpose of Skate Canada;
    11. Change the statement concerning the distribution of property remaining on liquidation after the discharge of any liabilities of Skate Canada;
    12. Change the manner of giving notice to Members entitled to vote at a Members Meeting;
    13. Change the method of voting by Members not in attendance at a Members Meeting; or
    14. Add, change, or remove any other provision that is permitted by the Act to be set out in the Articles.
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