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Article 11: Corporate

11.1 The business and affairs of Skate Canada will be carried on without the purpose of gain for its Members and any profits or other accretions to Skate Canada will be used in promoting its purposes.

11.2 The registered office of Skate Canada will be located in Ontario at such address as the Board may determine.

11.3 Skate Canada may have a corporate seal in the form approved by the Board. If a corporate seal is approved by the Board, the Board shall from time to time by resolution provide for its custody and use.

11.4 The necessary books and records of Skate Canada required by the Bylaws or by applicable law will be necessarily and properly kept. Minutes from meetings of the Board and records of Skate Canada will be available to the Board, each of whom shall receive a copy of such minutes. All other books and records will be available for viewing at the registered office of Skate Canada in accordance with the Act.

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