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Section B - Qualifying and Championship Events - Skate Canada Challenge - 300 Officials

  1. SELECTION OF OFFICIALS: Referees and judges are to be selected from the Skate Canada Challenge/Canadian Figure Skating Championships judges list. Technical controllers and technical specialists are selected from the Skate Canada Challenge and Canadian Figure Skating Championships list. Data specialists are to be selected from the Level 2 and Level 3 lists of data specialists.
    1. COMPOSITION OF THE PANELS OF JUDGES: For all events the panel shall consist of qualified championship officials of the appropriate level.
    2. QUALIFICATIONS OF JUDGES ON PANELS: Senior championship judges may be used if necessary to complete a panel, but must not form the majority of the panel.
    3. QUALIFICATIONS OF TECHNICAL OFFICIALS ON PANELS: Technical controllers and technical specialists shall be qualified at Skate Canada Challenge level. If possible at least one technical official on the panel should be qualified at the national level or higher. However, for educational purposes, one of the three technical officials may be at the sectional level.
    4. QUALIFICATIONS OF REFEREES: If qualified Skate Canada Challenge or Canadian Championship referees are not available, an experienced Skate Canada Challenge Championship judge who is also qualified as a sectional championship referee may be used. However, for educational purposes, a referee may be used who is qualified at the sectional level.
    5. QUALIFICATIONS OF TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVES: For Skate Canada Challenge competitions the technical representative shall be a Canadian Championship referee in any category, or an individual who, as a chair or member of the organizing committee for a
      Skate Canada Challenge or Canadian Championship or an international competition or championship, has demonstrated skills in competition organization and management.
  2. DETERMINING ASSIGNMENT OF OFFICIALS: The technical representative, referees, judges and all data specialists shall be recommended by the Domestic Officials Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, delegate the authority to approve referee, judge and data specialist assignments to the Domestic Officials Committee. All technical controllers and technical specialists shall be recommended by the Domestic Officials Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.
    1. TIMING OF APPOINTMENT OF OFFICIALS: Where possible, the recommendations for referees, judges, technical controllers, technical specialists and data specialists must be made a minimum of three months prior to the event.
    2. APPOINTMENT OF THE TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE AND CHIEF DATA SPECIALIST: In the case of the technical representative and the chief data specialist, these appointments must be recommended by the Domestic Officials Committee for approval by the Board of Directors at least six months prior to the holding of the event.
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