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Section B - Qualifying and Championship Events - Sectional Championships - 220 Size of Officials' Panels at Sectional Championships

For all events which qualify skaters for entry into Canadian or Skate Canada Challenge events, there shall be a technical controller, a technical specialist, an assistant technical specialist, a referee and at least five judges on each panel, except for pattern dance panels where detail listed in section 110, paragraph 2 of this regulation would apply. In an emergency, a technical controller with qualifications in the specific discipline may be assigned as an assistant technical specialist. If there are no qualified technical controllers to assign as assistant technical specialist the technical panel may be composed of only a technical controller and a technical specialist and/or there may be less than five but no less than three judges. If such a case arises, a report must be filed with the Domestic Officials Committee which gives a full explanation of the circumstances. If such circumstance is foreseen, advance application can be made. Application must be sent to the Chair of the Domestic Officials Committee in care of the Skating Programs Department.

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