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Section A - Official Regulations - 100 Summary Description of System

The Cumulative Points Calculation Judging System is a method for the calculation of results in the sport of figure skating. This system is based on the principle that a performance can be divided into elements and program components can be individually evaluated. The sum of these elements and components form a score for each skater/team in a competition. The highest scoring skater, couple or team is declared the winner, the second highest scoring skater, couple or team places second, and so on.

In general, marking of a performance is divided into a technical score and a program components score. The technical score is the sum of all performed elements in a program with additions or reductions of points taken for the quality of execution. Elements are identified and their level of difficulty assessed by a technical panel composed of a technical controller, a technical specialist and an assistant technical specialist who work as a team. At club, invitational or interclub competitions, elements may be identified by a technical judge. Identified technical elements receive a base value and are then evaluated by the judges on a seven point Grade of Execution (GOE) scale that ranges from -3 to +3. A zero GOE score reflects an element performed to its normal base value. The base values of all elements, plus or minus the respective GOE score are added to form the total technical score.

Program components are marked by each judge on the panel for an event. The five program components are as follows: skating skills, transitions/linking movements and footwork, performance/execution, choreography/composition and interpretation. Each of these components are marked by the judges on a 10 point scale using 0.25 point increments with 0.25 being the lowest and 10.0 being the highest. Program component scores are factored by a specific value depending on the category and program being skated.

Bonus points can be awarded for new or innovative elements, or for elements considered beyond the normal difficulty level of a particular category. Specifics of these bonuses are listed in section A - 110.

The values for all technical elements and program components are added together, plus any bonuses and minus any program deductions. The total is the score for a skater/couple/team in the respective segment. For competitions with more than one segment, the total score of all segments combined shall determine the winner.

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