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515 Qualifications for Competing in Qualifying Events

  1. TEST PREREQUISITES: Competitors wishing to enter qualifying events leading to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships shall have passed the tests as listed in 510 by the October 1st preceding the Championships.
  2. AGE PREREQUISITES: Competitors wishing to enter qualifying events leading to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships shall meet the age requirements to compete as listed in paragraph 510.
  3. COMPETING IN SINGLES AT SECTIONALS: A skater may compete in singles events only in the Championships of the Section in which his home club is a member.
  4. COMPETING IN PAIR OR DANCE AT SECTIONALS: A pair or dance team composed of skaters having clubs in different Sections may enter the group event of the Sectional Championships of any one, but only one, of the Sections represented by its members. The Chair of each Section concerned must be advised as to which championship the group will enter.
  5. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFYING EVENTS: The eligibility requirements for events which qualify competitors for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships must be the same as those for the corresponding Canadian Figure Skating Championships event.
  6. WINNER OF A QUALIFYING EVENT LEADING TO THE CANADIAN FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP: A previous winner of a qualifying event for a Canadian Figure Skating Championships is eligible to re-enter the same qualifying event provided that the competitor is still eligible to enter the corresponding Canadian Figure Skating Championships competition.
  7. DANCE AND PAIR COUPLE COMPOSITION: All dance and pair couples shall consist of a woman and a man.
  8. ONE EVENT PER DISCIPLINE: Competitors may not enter more than one event in the same discipline in the same championship or its qualifying events.
  9. COMPETING IN A QUALIFYING CANADIAN FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS PRIOR TO JULY 1, 1990: Individuals who competed in a qualifying Canadian Figure Skating Championships event prior to July 1, 1990 shall retain their qualification to enter the same event.
    1. OFFICIALS SHALL NOT COMPETE: Except as noted below, a referee, judge, technical specialist, technical controller or data specialist shall not compete in a competition in which he/she is acting in an official capacity.
    2. EXCEPTION FOR ADULT CATEGORY: A referee, judge, technical specialist, technical controller or data specialist may compete in the Adult category in a competition, at the sectional or lower level, in which he/she is also acting in an official capacity.
    3. REFER TO RULES FOR SPECIFIC COMPETITIONS: See also special rules governing the various types of competitions.
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