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CanSkate Trained Coach Evaluation Portfolio

Full PDF package attached

This portfolio has been created to provide participants at this level with the expectations of the training, evaluation requirements and standards to obtain a CanSkate Coach Trained status within the NCCP Instruction-Beginner context.

 Certification Deadline:

Coaches MUST be CanSkate Coach Certified or Primary STARSkate Coach Trained within three years of achieving an In-Training status. No extensions will be given.

Requirements for CanSkate Coach Trained Status

  1. Register as a Skate Canada professional coach
  2. Successfully complete the NCCP CanSkate Trained Coach Evaluation Portfolio which includes:
    Part A: Mentorship Interview
    • Observe one 45- 60 minute CanSkate session.
    • Complete a brief mentorship interview.
  3. Part B: Lesson Planning Activity
    • Create a five-week lesson plan.
  4. Part C: The Video Component
    • Complete the video requirements listed including the introduction, two technical lessons and self-evaluation.

     5. Part D: Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

    • Complete the EAP form for the facility in which you are coaching CanSkate.
    • An EAP should be completed for every facility in which you coach, however you are onlyrequired to submit one.

To be completed within one year from date of achieving an In-Training status. The date of achieving an In-Training status is from the date of your In-Training certificate. 

NCCP Trained CanSkate Coaches will be able to:

  • Observe and reflect on a CanSkate session run by a mentor coach
  • Present two CanSkate group lesson
  • Design a 5 week CanSkate session
  • Teach CanSkate skill progressions
  • Identify and correct basic CanSkate skills
  • Design an emergency action plan
  • Make ethical decisions (online evaluation at
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