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NCCP Instruction-Intermediate Regional Coach Pathway

Entry Prerequisites: 

  1. Coaches must have an active Trained or Certified CanSkate Coach status
  2. Coaches must be a registered coach or a Skate Canada registrant
  3. Must complete either:
  • One complete Senior Bronze STARSkate test


  • One Junior Bronze free skate test and one other complete Junior Bronze STARSkate test


Requirements for “Trained” Primary STARSkate Coach status:

  1. Complete the Primary STARSkate Coach Home Study Guide
  2. Attend the three day Primary STARSkate Coach course
    • Teach one 15-minute lesson in front of a mentor coach
    • Successfully complete all in-class assignments


ATTENTION! A Trained Primary STARSkate coach is recommended to complete the Primary STARSkate Portfolio within have TWO YEARS of achieving an Trained status.


Requirements for “Certified” Primary STARSkate Coach status:

  1. Must be a registered Trained Primary STARSkate coach
  2. Complete the Primary STARSkate Coach Portfolio which includes:
    • Minimum of 50 hours of practice coaching
    • Submission of three 15-minute video lessons at the Primary STARSkate level (STAR 1-5, Preliminary or Junior Bronze). 


Certification Deadline:

Coaches MUST be Primary STARSkate Coach Certified within three years of achieving a
Trained status. No extensions will be given.



  1. Trained Primary STARSkate Coach (Home Study Guide + three day course)
  2. Certified Primary STARSkate Coach (Trained status + 50 hours  practice coaching + Primary STARSkate Evaluation Portfolio)


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