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Skate Canada would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the Skating Skills Test Standards Manual:

Andre Bourgeois
Mary Hartrick
Joyce Hisey
Darlene Joseph
Benoit Lavoie
Sylvie Parayre

Skate Canada Technical Committee
Skate Canada Skating Programs Department
Skate Canada Public Affairs Department

Special thanks to Vesna Markovich who was largely responsible for the latest set of revisions.

Skate Canada would also like to thank the many coaches and officials across the country who gave their input over the last four years to help improve the Skating Skills program.

NOTE: Skate Canada rules referred to in this manual are correct at the time of printing. The current Skate Canada Rule Book and Technical Handbook overrides any rule references in this book.

2000 Skate Canada

Copyright in this Skating Skills Test Standards Manual is vested in Skate Canada. The reproduction of the whole or any part thereof without the express permission of Skate Canada is forbidden.

This manual is a compilation of the July 2002 Skating Skills Test Standards Manual as well as revisions up to and including November 30, 2001.

ISBN 1-895761-47-6
July 2000
Updated November 2002

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