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CanSkate Program Delivery Standards

The following delivery standards are required for Skate Canada clubs to operate the new CanSkate program:


  • Ensure minimum of one NCCP CanSkate trained coach teaching on the ice; program assistants (PAs) assist as required.
  • Ensure 1:10 coach/PA to skater ratio.
  • Provide minimum 10-minute lesson to each group by Skate Canada professional coach per session.
  • Ensure 90% continuous movement using circuits to ensure little standing around and no waiting to take turns to practice skills.
  • Operate all sessions with the following components – warm-up, lesson time, group activity and cool-down.
  • Use entire ice surface for warm-up, group activity and cool-down components.
  • Use circuits to teach and practice skills.
  • Use station rotations and session formats as per or similar to the recommended formats.
  • Incorporate the Fast Track and Fun Zone.
  • Use age-appropriate music for entire session.
  • Use teaching aids, props and station identification signage.
  • Use CanSkate awards and incentives; may use additional incentives such as stickers, stamps, etc.
  • Award CanSkate ribbons and badges no more than one week following the mastering of the skills for each level.


  • Maintain records of skaters’ progress using CanSkate tools (group and/or individual progress sheets).
  • Communicate regularly with parents/participants; provide CanSkate session information sheets, equipment, safety and club policy information in person or via e-mail or website. Hold a minimum of one parent information session per term or session.
  • Communicate skater progress to parents/guardians using the CanSkate report card at the end of each term or session, depending on how clubs divide their seasons and registrations.
  • Maintain a small supplies inventory including CanSkate badges, ribbons and other incentives, plus teaching aids and props.
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    Marcy Walker

    I would like to know where I go on the site to get printable canskate sheets I cannot find them.
    Thanks Marcy Walker

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