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Backing Up Files From Disk To [C:] Drive (Transferring Complete Event Information From One Computer To Another)

This is the procedure you would follow if you plan to take the Event you created at home to a Competition and load it into another computer. You may have to install IceCalc in the new computer so take your IceCalc disks along. Also, make sure ahead of time that the new Event computer is capable of running IceCalc and you have an adequate printer (see page 1).

If you wish to transfer all the information for an Event from one computer to another you must first copy the Event file to a disk. Open the folder containing your Event information, copy all the .dbf files and past them to a disk.

Create the new Subdirectory in the Second Computer.

Once you have your disk copy made you can load it into the second computer; but, before you open the database files you have transferred you must delete the ‘CDX files’ (if you have freshly created the new folder there should not be any) from the new file folder.

  • Insert Disk in second computer
  • Go the My Computer / Double Click
  • Select [A:] Drive / Double Click
  • Edit
  • Select All / Right Mouse click on any file
  • Copy
  • Close window
  • Go to My Computer
  • Select [C:] Drive / Double Click
  • Select IceCalc Folder / Double Click
  • Select New Folder / Open
  • Click Right Mouse in White Area
  • Click on Paste
  • Yes to All

Note - At this point you should delete any CDX files that were copied over

  • View
  • Arrange Icons by Type
  • View
  • Details (List)

If there are CDX files listed:

  • Click once on 1st CDX file
  • Go to last CDX file
  • Hold Shift, Click once to highlight them all
  • Right mouse click in blue area
  • Delete
  • Yes
  • Create the Short Cut for the new folder.
  • Open new folder through the Short Cut.
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