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Publication of Results

To Standardise Results Publication Procedures:

  • Results
    • After each Segment or at end of one part Category
    • Classification - without S/R/A now show Judges’ names, ordinals and place points.

Note – You must have your Printing Language set on ‘English Letter’ to get the place points to print on the Classification.

  • Final Results for multi part category - Results

Note - Detailed Classification - Would only be printed for posting if Open marking had taken place.

Note - If you are dealing with one-part categories and need to show skaters who have withdrawn, you need to print a ‘Result’ (Final Result) not a ‘Result for Segment’ at the end.


  • The Chief Accountant DOES NOT SIGN
  • The Referee and Assistant Referee (if applicable) sign the Results Summary below their name(s) & the Classification without S/R/A.
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