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Building A Short-cut From Start/Programs

  • Click right mouse button on START
  • Click on EXPLORE
  • Locate START MENU in the list
  • Click on PROGRAMS
  • Double click on IceCalc
  • Click right mouse button once on DEMO DATA
    • Click right mouse button on New File (the hi-lighted (Demo2))
    • Click on RENAME
      • Identify it with the name of your Event folder and be careful that you spell it exactly the same as you did when you created the new folder (e.g. WDIV). 
  • Click right mouse button on the New Folder
      • Select PROGRAM
      • Ensure Target is C:\ ICECALC \ IceCalc.exe / datadir:newfoldername (e.g. WDIV)
      • Be careful that you spell it exactly the same, including case
  • Click on OK
  • Close all Windows

Note- You my get an ‘Insufficient Memory’ message at this point, or any other time while using this program. Reboot or Restart and this problem should disappear.

To work with the event folder you have created you will enter it through the shortcut you created using the ‘Start’ button. Note: The fist time you do this, you will get a message regarding ‘Updating’ and be booted out. START AGAIN!

When you open your event folder through the shortcut you will get a window labelled ‘OUTPUT SERVER’. The ‘OUTPUT SERVER’ window acts as a record of all the sheets you have asked the program to print. Just work around this window.

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