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General Information

Computer/Printer Requirements

For your home use, for the Section provided computers and for computers provided by the Host Club you will need:

  • Pentium PC 133mhz - recommended (486 DX2-64 w/16 meg will work SLOWLY)
  • 16 Meg Ram minimum
  • 20 Meg Hard Drive space
  • Windows 95/98 (Crypto Boxes do not work with Windows NT)
  • Fast Printer recommended 
    • 6-8 pages per minute
    • Multi page printouts
    • Brother Printers are not recommended due to high cost of maintenance
    • When requesting a printer from the Host Club, remember to ask that the Printer Driver Disks be provided as well!
  • Crypto Box (es) (Key Locks) provided by the Section - You can use one Crypto box for multiple computers. Just attach the Crypto Box before starting up the Computer, start it up and get into IceCalc, then remove the Crypto Box. This will have to be done every time the computers are shut down and restarted.

Note - This information is based on Version 4.0.7. After each update, please refer to the "Read Me" file for the latest requirements.


New Terminology

There have been some changes to the terminology we are familiar with.

  • Event is now used in place of Competition.
  • Category is now used in place of the Event (Novice Ladies)
  • Segment is now used in place of Part of Event (Free Skate / Short Program)

When you have been assigned as the Computer Accountant for an Event (Competition) there are three scenarios you may come up against.

  1. You will be able to access the computer you will be using at the Event and create your Databases and Event Files at home, and then take the computer to the Event with you for the Paper Creation, Marks Entry and Results Generation.
  2. You will be able to create your Databases and Event Files at home on your personal computer. Copy the Files and take them with you to the Event where you will load them into the computer that is going to be used on site.
  3. You will have to travel to the Event Site and use the computer that is provided to create your Databases and Event Files



Getting Started

The following instructions are those that were given by Tom Casson, at numerous IceCalc Clinics across the country.  Those of you who are familiar with Windows 95/98 may recognise that there are short cuts to the methods taught by Tom.  For the sake of uniformity Tom’s methods will be laid out here.  In your spare time please feel free to experiment using your Windows knowledge; but, for the time being bear with us and use the methods that follow.

Note - Wherever the instructions say 'click' this means a click on the left mouse button.

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